Who we are

Welcome back to the decentralized world. EtherDao is the governing body for Ethereum V1.0.
Ethereum V1.0 is a brand new chain that has inherited Ethereum POW functions and all token ledgers.


Now that Ethereum has moved to POS, Ethereum V1.0 is being activated.
Ethereum V1.0 is being airdropped to ETH CEX wallets. For every one ETH, 10,000 Ethereum V1.0 will be dropped.
ETH holders have thirty days to claim the free airdrop.
After thirty days, all unclaimed airdrops will be automatically assigned to the DAO.


We welcome all developers to join us. You can find us on Github.(https://github.com/etherdaoorg/ETH1)


  1. We are building a global community. If you believe in a world with one decentralized, permissionless POW EVM, join us as a local ambassador.
    We are well funded and have strong support from miners, projects and developers.